Thursday, March 31, 2016

Step/On air


On air
It hurts less

Like me
We'll both trip

With gusto
It's a party!

Stay low
We'll stay invisible

Like mad
Like furious angry

Like dancing
Nails in heels

Who cares
We'll crush them!

On air
It hurts less.

Moon lunes, even more so

Lunes (5-3-5)

I clomp around the moon
With such force
The moon-below neighbors complain

Hanging from the pointy edge
Of the crescent
I swing crazily in space

I am the moon's lover
He / she / it
Licks me head to toe

The moon howls at me
I snarl back
We are both shape shifters

I hide the hoary truth
In shiny news
The moon reads me scripture

Crouching in your shadowed craters
I trust you
You are bigger than me

Moon moon moon moon moon
Don't leave me

I have followed you always

Moon lunes

Lunes (5-3-5)

Under a moon in Barcelona
My son dances
I am asleep in California


Hidden deep inside a house
I lie awake
In the one moonlit spot


In Hungary they tell women:
To get pregnant,
Sleep with a strong lightbulb


Where is the moon tonight?
I don't know.
It doesn't watch me either.


Little girl, flashlight pointed skywards
I frustrate easy
The beam doesn't - quite - reach

Exhausted ghazal

You have screamed and burned away all the drama and feeling, for peace
You have rocked your stunned body to sleep, reeling, for peace.

The lines on your fingers have faded to ghostly yesterday
You lie with your eyes not seeing the ceiling, for peace.

The police have come and gone for the noise you made
You are quieter than ever, falling, kneeling, for peace.

You beautiful idiot, you've brained yourself to nothingness
So tired of war you are scrambling, squabbling, squealing for peace.

You woke up with a waterfall of scary wild crazy talk
Now all is still. That's the deal you are dealing, for peace.

Hotel ballrooms are tiny for what you are hiding
Waiting to go far too far, dipping and wheeling for peace

You are searching the bitter corners for crumbs you can call your own
You walk what they taught you, you breathe air you're stealing, for peace.