Monday, April 25, 2016

all the yesterdays

all the yesterdays have been building a thing tomorrow is perched on
all the yesterdays have been digging a hole tomorrow is hurtling into
look at me standing here slaying the yesterdays zap! zing!
yesterday had its own true, its own alive
and already I am torn in two between then and then
forward and back, yearning backward and forth.
things that did not seem to belong together fly at each other hard and stick
I am gulping the vanishing tomorrows, clearing a path
through the loud, bright right now. it cannot be spoken fast enough
when I feel my shoulders hunch I say shoulders, relax yourselves down!
when I feel my untruths ballooning I try to catch and burst them
when I feel my rhythms marching me hard I trip them, I skip them, I brake them
the ticking threatens and beckons, it looms, it croons
it doesn't know it doesn't matter so it does, it does
the voices it speaks with layer their echoing calls

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