Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hush little baby, snuggle on down
Your no good daddy has just skipped town
He gave away the carpet from under my toes
But I loved your daddy like nobody knows

Hush little baby, snuggle in tight
Your no good daddy vanished into the night
He stole my life and he mocked my yearning
But I loved your daddy like a stormcloud burning

Hush little baby, it's just no use
Your no good daddy played fast and loose
He scattered our wedding gifts far and wide
And all that's left is this useless bride

Hush little baby, just sleep on through
Your no good daddy walked off into the blue
He made his plans like I was just not there
But I loved your daddy like the pure sweet air

Hush little baby the night is long
Your no good daddy's not worth this song
He called up down and love a struggle
Oh I'm so tired, babe. Now sleep and snuggle.

Hush little baby, it's almost dawn
Your no good daddy he moved right on
The years an insult thrown like stones
But I loved your daddy deep, deep in my bones

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