Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Up time

Hello, sweet sleepwalking self, grab the chimes! It's wake-up time
You have to leap free of the strangling creepers that snake up time

Look at you smothered in messy minutes, blanketing blue belief
Come sweep clear the seconds, straighten the days, rake up time

It's a snow-white world, you can scribble all over its drowsy face
You can dream up the mountains, glory, you can make up time

Make yourself large, large, large, big honey, go huge!
Occupy the oceans, swallow space, take up time

Count every sidewalk slab you step on, live in every blink
Chop the instants into lives, slice apart the night air, break up time

No bangle will stay quiet, no anklet will stop shimmying
You have stomped onto all the stages to shake up time

Keep hankering and wanting, you wished-for child

Hunger through the deserts, yearn down the years, ache up time

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