Saturday, April 2, 2016

Who we are?

Barbara was quiet, hard to know.
But she would burst forth jitterbugging when she had to.

Donald insisted on dignity.
Except for King Kong acts, mistletoes, and seal barking.

Ruthy is madly collecting life.
Then she sits quiet. Do you hear the recorder's song?

Marie is soft, fat, floppy, lazy.
Why does she keep running, lifting heavy things she drops?

Max is being all kinds of human.
Using hands, mouth, brain, love to make things, juggle the day.

Felix listens, intent to the world.
He is at all the starting lines, greedy to do right.

Michel has left us. No, just left me.
I will not describe him. He is the empty spaces.

I am dutiful, pitiless, wild.
I put my family on a platter sliced and diced.

We are each other. Generations.
In three hundred years we will all have become the same.

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