Monday, April 4, 2016

Cruel ghazal

The talk the talk the talk straight through: us is dead.
You killed me like a grisly zoo: us is dead.

The envelope of nevermore, I lost it stomped it good
The color of my god, who knew: us is dead.

My breathing was a greed I don't forgive. Time went strange.
The truth of telling, just an empty you: us is dead.

I am an apron crawling zigzag through a broken house
You making noises like a wild boohoo: us is dead.

I breathe through anything that crushes me alive
The ugly things just dangle where they grew: us is dead.

I kiss the ground. I kiss the walls. I kiss the traitor air.
I watch the fireball banner that you flew: us is dead.

I shed the billion loves that quilted minutes into home

I breathe. I breathe. My naked frank debut: us is dead.

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